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Yoerger in topvorm voor de Playoffs

Yoerger_Bridget-199x300 Bridget Yoerger was niet heel lang geleden een immens populaire en zeer waardevolle kracht voor Wereldtickets Leiderdorp. Na het vertrek uit Leiderdorp kwam de symphatieke Amerikaanse terecht in Luxemburg waar ze onlangs nog een fijne triple double liet noteren.

Op basketnieuws.lu lezen we dat ze zin heeft voor de Playoffs:
Bridget Yoerger and Contern will meet the leader from Ettelbruck in the semi-finals. She talks about the challenge that is ahead for her team.

„I am excited to play the top team. A lot of people have looked past us because of our record and our average regular season. But going 7-3 in playoffs and handing Etzella their only loss in those 10 games, I think we have proven we belong in the final 4 and can compete against the number 1 team. Etzella is an aggressive running team, so it’s going to be a hard fought series by both teams. We have one of the youngest teams and play the most luxembourgish players, and it shows how bright the future is for the club of Contern. I’m proud of my team for making it this far, but we’re definitely shooting for a championship!“

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