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terug- vooruit blikken met: Jett Speelman

De Amerikaan Jett Speelman komt ook in de BNXT League uit voor Yoast United. De 27-jarige power forward speelde afgelopen seizoen voor de debutant in de Dutch Basketball League. Speelman was afgelopen seizoen met zijn werklust en scorend vermogen een belangrijk onderdeel van het succes van Yoast United Kim Hermens ging in gesprek met hem.

How is your summer so far and what do you do to stay in shape for next season?
My summer has been great! I missed my friends and family a lot while I was in the Netherlands so it has been nice to spend time with them. I have been working out with friends who also play professional in Europe along with playing in various summer leagues.

What were your expectations of the First year in Bemmel?
I really did not have any expectations. After a few practices I noticed we had good talent and thought that if we worked hard and together we could be something special. 

What was your best moment from last season.
The best moment for me was our run to the cup championship. Unfortunately we lost the game but that week was a battle and we won some big games.

How do you look back to last season?
I look back at last season very happy! I met some great people on and off the court and although we were in lockdown we still had a great season and I improved tremendously. 

What was your dicision to retrun to  Yoast United ?
I really like the organization here and truly felt at home. With the league combining with Belgium it was a step up in competition and a good move to further my career. 

This season we play also against belgium teams. What do you think about this  BNXT-league?
I think the BNXT-League will be very competitive. There are some very talented players in Belgium and it should be fun to see where we stack up against various champions league/eurocup teams. 

there are 2 new coaches, what are the expectations for the upcoming season?
I have talked to both coaches over the phone and look forward to getting to work with them.

From wich player/coach did you learn the most when you where younger?
I learned the most from my father. Growing up he taught me a lot of fundamentals of the game and he helped develop good form on my jumpshot which has helped my career.

what do you hope to have achieved in 5 years?
I really don’t have any expectations for the next 5 years. Hopefully I can look back and be happy with the progression of my career and the relationships I havebuilt. 

This season fans are allowd to the games, do you wanna say somthing to the fans?
I can’t wait to play in front of fans again. It brings a different type of energy to the court when someone hits a big shot and the crowd goes wild.