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Persconf. (onderaan de pagina) na KRO-ROE die door de FIBA offline is gehaald: …

Persconf. (onderaan de pagina) na KRO-ROE die door de FIBA offline is gehaald:

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  1. Machinevertaling deel 1: Will Skelin lead the national team against Holland?

    After not only the surprising but even the shocking defeat of Romania, the main question was whether the Skelin menu would resign. It is not. Split’s strategist left open the possibility that this was his last match at the helm of the Croatian national team, but he did not want the hot heads to make decisive moves.

    – We had a bad shot for three points. I do not know the reason for that. We avoided the open shots that made us nervous, while on the other hand gave security to the opponent – he began his address to the media at the Croatian national team.

    “My resignation has never been a problem, so it is not even now,” said Ivica Skelin briefly.

    Croatia has already doubled ten players in the first ten minutes, and the young Karlo Uljarević was in the lead. But that did not help either.

    “I wanted to get into a big rotation so that we could energetically endure the game and I wanted everyone to feel the pitch and get into the required rhythm. I will have to look at what I have done wrong, but on the first hand – I do not know. Maybe I’d set a different concept. I decided to push Perić on the troika because we are defective with the beats and push Buva on Thursday thinking it will make a bigger advantage in the back of the basket – Splinic added that he regretted not giving more time to Uljarević – I’m sorry Karlo did not play anymore. But I put it in key moments and if anything positive to get out of a defeat, it’s a fact that he showed that he can play at this level.

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