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One on One met Kim Hermens!

Op de redactie onlangs waren we allemaal trots toen onze Kim Hermens uitgenodigd werd door de collega’s van We are Basket om in een interview eens wat meer bekendheid te krijgen. Helaas werd de redacteur van dienst Bryant Abath (die binnenkort zijn derde boek uitbrengt!) teruggefloten door de eindredactie. Nadat hij zijn epistel inleverde!  Omdat we ruimte willen bieden aan iedereen die graag over basketball schrijft (of vlogt of verzin maar een manier om aandacht te besteden aan de mooiste sport ter wereld) konden we natuurlijk geen nee zeggen toen de mogelijkheid kwam om het interview met onze Kim zelf te plaatsen. Daarom voor één keer niet in ons eigen Nederlands, maar in het Engels, één op één met Kim Hermens. Interviewer van dienst: Bryant Abath! 

One on one with Kim Hermens

She started as a supporters of a basketball team in Nijmegen: the Matrixx Magixx. As the years passed by she became a more popular person, who is making highlights of many players in the Netherlands and also outside of the Netherlands. Kim Hermans loves to give basketball players highlights.

  1. Since when did you start following basketball in the Netherlands?

“When I was 9 years old, I had a clinic of the Matrixx Magixx in Nijmegen. We all got a free ticket to visit the first home game in season 2005-2006 in the Horstacker. Since then, me and my family never left.”

  1. Do you have a favorite player?

“Definitely! Nick Oudendag and Thijs Vermeulen are my favorite players. When they first played for the Magixx it never changed.”

  1. What can you remember most about the Matrixx Magixx?

“Well of course the NBB Bekerfinale in our second season 2006-2007. It was against Hanzevast Capitals Groningen. We played in the Sporthallen Zuid and were dominating against Groningen with 60-70 and won our first prize. Also not to mention, in 2012 when we played the NBB Bekerfinale against ZZ Leiden in Almere.”

  1. What kind of impact did that whole period do to you?

“At home, everything changed into basketball. We talked about basketball, we breathed basketball, we couldn’t wait for the next game all the time. All this is still happening at home.”

  1. What kind of games can you remember of the Magixx?

“We played against Den Bosch in the Horstacker. We were by a couple of points when Den Bosch received a technical foul. So we got four free throws which we made. The whole crowd supported the Magixx like never before and almost exploded when Thijs Vermeulen hit that crucial threepointer. Even now-a-days, I still watch that game every now and then.”

  1. Magixx became bankrupt in 2014. What did that do to you and your family?

“It was a shock for all of us. I was pretty sad a couple of times, I missed my weekly routine by not having the Magixx around me anymore. Right after that a visited Wyba, Trajanum and Arnhem Eagles a couple of times. It was not that basketball stopped immediately within our family.”

  1. Every year, fanclub Magixx 13 organize a tournament for all the basketball supporters in the Netherlands. Do you think that initiative connects basketball in Nijmegen?

“I think it’s very important to keep that initiative alive. I like to talk with supporters from all the other teams, even though Nijmegen isn’t in the DBL right now. I am always curious about how they are doing and how their team is doing.”

  1. Since a couple of years, there is a basketball organization in Nijmegen who has a lot of ambitions: TBG Dragons. What is the difference about the Magixx and the Dragons?

“The Magixx was one big family. Everyone felt the same about the team, the performances and everyone was part of the team. Before Magixx there was EiffelTowers, so during the Magixx period, many people were familiar by basketball in Nijmegen. The Dragons have exist for only three years now. They can keep growing to an organization like the Magixx was. It wouldn’t be the same, but it could be one family again. They are trying to get Nijmegen back to the Dutch Basketball League, so who knows what will happen in time.”

  1. You are not only supporter, you make many highlights for many players each year. Since when did you start making those highlights?

“It was in 2012 I think. My father was always taping the games. We went to Amsterdam, where the Magixx played really great. Someone asked me if that game could be uploaded somewhere, so we made a highlight movie of the game. Since then, I just made summaries of the games for like two or three minutes. Not to long after that I started to make highlights for many players in the Netherlands.”

  1. 10.Are you making highlights of players and any teams, or also of any other basketball initiatives?

“Last summer I was asked by Maik Bouwer to make a highlight of him during the European Championships U18. Since then, many players from Europe asked to me if I could make highlights of them.”

  1. 11.What kind of advice would you give to anyone who wants to make highlights?

“What I think that is most important is to buy a good camera with great quality. It is also important to buy many accessories, like a tripod. Not only the products are important, be critical. Watch your videos back and seek for solutions or mistakes that you can improve the next time you will make a video again.”

  1. 12.The last couple of years we see many wonderful performances here in the Netherlands, like playing at the European Championships in 2015 or the bronze medal the Orange Angels U20 took. What do you think about those performances?

“It’s great how the Orange Lions and Angels are growing. It’s more a team now. I see many talented players who are growing so fast. I think it will be great in the future if this keeps going. What I see is that many players appreciate it to play for the national team. That kind of players are important if you want to make this sport a bigger and more professional sport.”

  1. 13.Besides 5×5 basketball there is also 3×3 basketball. How do you see 3×3 basketball?

“Well I’m also making highlights of 3×3 players and games. The 3×3 Pro League is my first 3×3 event I ever visited. It’s a lot more different than I expected. It’s faster and more physical. I think it’s great that something like 3×3 basketball exists.”

  1. 14.What do you think it’s important to make basketball in the Netherlands a more professional sport?

“It must find more sponsors, but what I think it’s most important is that the media should pay more attention to basketball. We have Ziggo Sport right now, that is good, but there has to be more than only Ziggo Sport. The NOS and some local tv channels should broadcast the games too.”

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