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Meet the players: Quin Cooper, Aris Leeuwarden

Aris Leeuwarden heeft met Quin Cooper de tiende speler voor het komende seizoen vastgelegd. Met de Amerikaan haalt de Leeuwarder basketbalclub een echte schutter binnen. Kim Hermens ging in gesprek met de 29-jarige Cooper.

How did you start playing basketball?
I started playing basketball when I was about 4 years old. I remember having a small Fisher-Price basketball goal in the living room of my house and was always shooting on it. The love and passion for the game grew from there.

Where did you play basketball before coming to Leeuwarden?
I played at Fontainebleau High School in Louisiana. My colleges were Centenary, Southeastern Louisiana, and Crowley’s Ridge. And my professional career has taken me to Túbas Al-Okhuwa in Palestine, the Owensboro Thoroughbreds in Kentucky, DePiro B.C. In Malta, Tus Ademax Red Devils in Germany, and K.B. Vllaznia in Albania.

With what number are you going to play and why?
I will play with #10 this season because it is the number I have worn the last 2 seasons, and I have played well with it and don’t want to change it.

What type of player are you?
I am a team-first player, I will do whatever the coach needs me to do to win. My strengths are my shooting/scoring ability, a high-IQ player, a good rebounder/passer/defender for my size and position, and an all-around skilled player.

What do you hope to achieve for yourself this season?
As a team I hope we achieve success in competing and playing hard every game, and we win a lot of games and make a run for the championship. For me personally, I hope to not only play up to my capabilities but to also add some more to my game for future seasons, to make a positive impact on my teammates and the club and fan base, and if all goes well I’d like to make an all-league team as well.

What do you know about the city of Leeuwarden?
I don’t know too much about the city, but from everything I’ve seen about it it looks beautiful and I am excited to be there.

You played in a lot of countries; what was the best moment so far? 
The best moments so far have been getting to see new parts of the world, meet and play with new teammates and people, and play the game I love. Also, my mom getting to come visit me in Malta and me being able to see my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew in Germany where they live were special moments that I’ll always remember.

You are one of the most experienced players at Leeuwarden; what advice would you like to give to the young children?
My advice to the young children would be  keep working hard, believe in yourself, always thank and recognize those who help you along the way, and control the things you can control, such as your attitude and effort. And most importantly would be to enjoy what you do!

How do you prepare for a game?
If the game is in the evening, I like to go do a shooting workout in the late morning to get myself in a good rhythm for that night’s game. Then I will return to my apartment for a nap, make a pregame meal about 3 hours before the game, then arrive to the gym a couple hours before tip-off to get my mind right.

What would you like to say to the Aris Leeuwarden fans? 
To the fans I would like to say I’m looking forward to being a part of the club for this upcoming season, and I hope to give you all something to cheer about and am thankful for their support!