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Meet the players: Okko Järvi (Brussels)

Een van de nieuwe aanwinsten van onze Belgische tegenstander bij Brussels is de 25- jarige Finse forward: Okko Järvi. Okko kwam ook uit voor het Finse Nationale teams van u16 en u18.
Kim Hermens ging in gesprek met de 1.93 lange forward.

How did you start playing basketbal?
Started basketball because my brother started it before me so basically i just followed him.  

Where did you playing basketbal?
I started my career in Tapiolan Honka as a kid and it was the first team i played for in the top level too. I’ve previously played eight years in finnish top league korisliiga in four different teams. Now beginning my first season in Brussels.

with what number are you gonna play this season? and why? 
14. It was my first number when i started playing and i’ve played with it almost every season since then.

what are your expectations for yourself?
Improve everyday, have a long career and play at the highest level i possibly can. 

What do you already know about the new BNXT league?
I heard its a big change for the previous league because now you’re playing against Dutch teams also and that its going to be much more games. The system sounded kinda complicated but i’ll figure it out.

how do you prepare yourself for a game?
I try to stay out of having some important routines so if i sometime can’t do them it doesn’t ruin my game. But i always do activations and stretching before games 

what do you hope to achieve for yourself this season?
I want to prove myself outside of Finland and most importantly help the team to be succesful.
what is the best moment of your careerI would say winning the gold medal in u20 european championships.

Who is your G.O.A.T and why?
Dirk Nowitzki, im a Dallas Mavericks fan and he was the star player of the team when i started watching nba.

Do you wanna say something to the fans?
Hope to see as much of you as possible in the games! I’ve missed the fans a lot during last year when the gyms were empty.