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Meet the players: Dragos Diculescu

Dragos Diculescu is aankomend seizoen speler van Landstede Hammers. De 21-jarige Roemeen speelde de voorbije jaren in zijn vaderland. Dit wordt zijn eerste jaar in Europa. Kim Hermens ging in gesprek met de 1.96 meter lange small forward.

How did you start playing basketbal?
I started playing basketball at the age of 6 years old. It all started when a coach from a local junior club in Bucharest came to my school and encouraged us to come play basketball at his newly-formed club. My friends, my sister and I liked the idea of trying a new sport together and we decided to give it a try. I fell in love with the game pretty fast and by the age of 14 I was among the good players of my age in my country. Hence, I decided I wanted to make a career and become a profesional basketball player one day. 

Where did you play basketball before Landstede Zwolle?
At the age of 16 I signed my first professional contract with Stiinta Bucharest (a second division club from Romania). The following year I got to play for Steaua Bucharest in the first divison and that year we finished 2nd in the League. After that I played at SCM Timisoara, that season even though we got some financial issues we managed to finish the year in Top 5 and I got nominated as the most Improved player in the League. In the last 2 years I played at SCM Craiova where I grew a lot as a player and as a person and this season we finished Top 5 and we reach the semifinals of the Cup. I got rewarded with Best domestic player and got a spot in the Team of the Season, so it was a pretty successful year for me.

This would be your first year abroad, what are your expectations for yourself?
I am excited to get a chance to try something new, to push myself to reach new goals and to overcome different challanges.

Did you ever hear about basketball in the Netherlands? 
I have been following basketball in your country for some time now because one of my teammates from the National Team, Alex Olah played here and he was one of the guys who offerd me a bunch of details about this area. 

What do you already know about the new BNXT league?
I know BNXT league will be a good challange for us as a team and I am sure with hard work and support from our amazing fans we will have a great season.

What type of player are you? 
As a player I am very competitive, so my objective is for us to win as many games as possible and also to keep improving every single day. 

What do you know about the city ?
I’ve gathered as many information as I could about the city and also about the country. I can’t wait to embrace the culture and to meet new people and see different mentalities.

What can the fans expect from you as a player on the court ?
As I already said as a player I  am very competitive, so the fans can expect to see a hard working person, who is ready to fight for every possession, to play every second on the court with passion and I can tell more about myself as a player but I prefer to let my court performance speak for me.

Do you want to say something to the fans? 
I can’t wait to get to meet you, I am really looking forward to see you in the hall. I wish you all the best, stay healthy, enjoy the summer and fill up with energy for the new season. We really need your support, together we can achieve great things. #HammerTime