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Legends of basketball NL: CalvinChitwood Hinson

Wij gaan terug blikken met een aantal spelers die ooit in de eredivisie hebben gespeeld, gecoacht of wedstrijden hebben gefloten. Het eerste interview komt van een speler van Aris Leeuwarden
Calvin Chitwood heeft voor Aris Leeuwarden in het seizoen 2010 tot 2012 gespeeld. Kim Hermens ging in gesprek met de nu 33 jarige Amerikaan.

How are u?
I am doing great! Thank you for asking

Where did you play after Aris Leeuwarden
After my two seasons with Aris, I decided to make a complete change career and I chose to hang up the shoes and return to the United States to have a career that will allow me to find stability in my life.  I had to find a “real job.”  My first job post basketball was with a Mortgage Lender called Quicken Loans.  Its been a challenge working in the real world.  It is must different than basketball.  Truth be told, I am still in the pursuit of happiness that I once had while playing professional basketball.  I can finally say, I believe I am on the right path now and making the best of it.

How did you experience your seasons by Leeuwarden.
My experience with Aris Leewarden was a great experience for me.  The main thing I will always remember and cherish was my interactions with the people.  I had the opportunity to meet such great people not just in Leeuwarden, but in the entire country of The Netherlands.  My teammates and coaches were great as well as the organization.  I even met a young lady who I still care dearly about.  She probably wont hear or read this interview, but her name is Naomi Edry.  I believe she is living in Amsterdam now.  Anyways, I never thought in a million years I would have been able to connect so deeply and interact with people from another country. I cannot say one bad thing regarding my experience.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity. 

What else can you remmember from the netherlands
I remember how nice the people were and welcoming, especially to foreigner. 

Do you still follow Aris Leeuwarden
I honestly do not stay up with Aris or the team I played for in Japan prior to Aris.  I haven’t followed it since I left because I would feel sad and it would make me miss the game, my teammates, the fans,  and the people too much.  I tried to spare myself from the heartache.

What image did you have before you came here And What image did you have after leaving the netherlands?
 I really did not know what to think in regards what Holland or even Europe was going to look like.  I do remember I google mapped an overhead view of Amsterdam back in 2010.  I saw all the canals and brick roads.  So I at least expected that. I knew that I would not feel as much of a culture shock, like I did in Japan where I started my professional career.  That was a really different country compared to the United States but in a good way, and I loved every moment of it!  

Do you still have contact with players from your seasons ?
 I will keep in touch with various players but mainly through social media.  Everyone is so spread out and as we get older, it becomes more of a challenge.  People have their own families now and are getting married.  So it is understandable. 

Where did you play after leaving Leeuwarden.
 I did not play basketball after Leewarden.  I knew I was not going to and it was an emotional goodbye to the game and the people who I considered my family.

What Do you wanna Say to the fans from Leeuwarden
Aris and city of Leewarden, thank you for the unbelievable support!  Thank you for being supportive even when the times were tough.  I also want to say thank you to Aris organization for bringing me in and treating me with the utmost respect.  You all made it a little easier to be away from home.  Lastly, I do want to truly thank Thea, Martin, Remco and Paul De Jong.  My final season was a difficult one with all the freak injuries and illnesses but your family holds a special place in my heart.  Thank you for welcoming me into your home and showing me what Dutch hospitality is all about.  I love you all!   I will come visit soon!

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