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Ivica Skelin više nije izbornik hrvatske reprezentacije – Basketball.hr

Voor wie het gemist had; Ivica Skelin is niet langer de hoofdcoach van het nationale team van Kroatië.


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  1. Machinevertaling: It is a treaty termination of the contract.

    Today, in the premises of the Croatian Basketball Association, the 19th session of the Management Board was held, where the most important topic was the fate of men’s senior men’s senior team, Ivica Skelin. As expected, the Split strategist was relieved of his duties and will be appointed in the coming period to appoint a new menu.

    – Since goals have not been met when engaging men’s senior men’s men’s men’s teams, ie, the expected result was not achieved after the first two rounds of qualifications for the World Championship 2019, the menu Ivica Skelin and the Croatian Basketball Association jointly made a decision on the consensual termination of the contract. Mr Skelin thanked for the trust shown in this cooperation and support during the past period – says the statement on the official website of the Croatian HKS.

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