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Interview met: Steven Cook

Vandaag speelt New Heroes de uitwedstrijd in Israël.
De vorige Europa wedstrijd werd gewonnen met 91-58 van  BK JIP Pardubice.

De Grote man van de wedstrijd was Steven Cook met 24 punten 6 rebounds en 6 assist.
Kim Hermens ging in gesprek met hem.

How are you?
I am doing well. Enjoying my time in the Netherlands so far. Great people here and great group of guys on the team.

How did you start playing Basketbal?
I started playing basketball when I was young because my older brother played basketball. We used to play together in our driveway when we were younger. Eventually I started playing on youth teams and went from there.

Is there someone else in your family who play basketbal?
My older brother used to play basketball when he was younger, but I am the only one in my family who played in college or professionally.

how is life doing so far in the Netherlands?
Life is good in the Netherlands. It’s a beautiful country and Den Bosch is a really nice town. The team has taken care of us well with a nice apartment and car.

You have played in Estonia. What is the difference in basketball and outside basketball?
The biggest difference in basketball is that the game is much more physical in Eastern Europe. I’ve noticed they call a lot more fouls here and don’t let as much go in the game. Outside of basketball, I would say that the english speaking ability of people in the Netherlands is really amazing. Just about everyone speaks very good English here which makes it easy for me.

One of the reasons you came to the play for New Heroes was because of the coach Silvano. What impact did it have on you when he left?
It didn’t have a lot of impact on me personally when he left. I knew the club was going to replace him with another great coach, which is what they did. We had to make some adjustments and lost some time with practices but other than that the transition has been ok.

You have been playing with the team for a while, what are the expectations of the team?
Our motto on the team is to get better every day so that is the expectation. If we are able to improve every practice and game, then we will put ourselves in a great position when the playoffs come.

What do you miss the most from home?
Family and friends.

What advice do you have for children who also want to become pro?
Work hard on a daily basis. If you put in the effort and stay dedicated to getting better, then anything can happen. That is the key.

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