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Interview met: Deividas Kumelis

Vandaag een interview met een speler van Aris Leeuwarden. Deividas speelt dit jaar zijn 2de jaar voor Aris en heeft zijn draai helemaal gevonden in Leeuwarden.

when did you start playing basketbal?
I start playing basketball, when i was 7yo. In Šarunas Marciulionis basketball academy

Is there someone else playing basketball in your family?
I am the only one who do sports in a family.

What do you miss the most from home?
I miss my family, my friends like everybody i think.

You played last summer 3×3 for your country what do you like the most 3×3 or 5×5
I prefer 5×5, its the main sport for me, but 3×3 is like hobby and perfectly fits for me in the summer.

What is your best game in your career you can remember?
The best game for me is every game in playoffs, where is the big deal starts! And for sure if i need choose one is the celebrity game in Houston all star game, i was in Kobe bryant team

What is the best advice someone say to you?
The best advice is to make the best of every situation in your life

You are from Lithuanian how is basketbal there what are the differents between the netherlands basketbal and there?
The basketball in Lithuania is the main sport, and second religion. Its a big thing back home! Everybody loves it and understands, how we said we have 3million coaches! And the differents.. Its just a bigger league with bigger clubs playing in the best european competitions! (Quality of basketball)

What makes basketbal so fun for you?
Basketball means a lot for me, every kid wants to become a basketball player and when it comes through! It becomes your work/hobby, so what can be better?:)

How is the season going so far for you ?
This season for me is like american rollercoaster. I had little injuries and role in a team is changing, so its though! 

What are the expectations for the last months for leeuwarden?
To make 6th possition and try to make the best of it in playoffs!

What do you say to children if they also want to play basketbal?
Thats the way to live your life in a dream! 

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