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Hoe is het met? Sharone Wright

Sharone speelde in de seizoenen 2006 tot 2008 voor Eiffeltowers Den Bosch, waar hij de play-off finale won van toenmalig rivaal Matrixx Magixx. Sharone besloot daarna te stoppen met basketballen op het hoogste niveau en werd assistentcoach van Eiffel Towers Den Bosch. Kim Hermens ging in gesprek met de nu 48 jarige oud NBA speler.

How are you ? what are you doing those days?
I’m a high school coach here in Arizona for the #1 high school team in America AZ Compass. I have two younger kids Nicholas and Thijs who are now 14 and 12 years old and are doing great on the AAU circuit and Thijs is playing football.

You played 6 years in the NBA, why did you decided to play in Europe?
I decided to play in Europe because I had soo much basketball left to play. I needed a team and organization to give me the platform to win. I had been successful in the Nba from a perspective of my dreams to playNBA but not winning teams. So I was looking for winning! Spain , Korea , China and few other places were very good to me as a player but the Netherlands was just different. It represented a rich history and very down to earth people.I enjoyed the warmth of the people and the history of its people. I used this time to travel to Aushwitz, Berlin, Paris, most of Germany etc.

After you played in Spain Poland and South Korea you joind Eiffel Towers Den Bosch. Why did you decided to play in The Netherlands?
The Dutch people welcomed me with open arms and I’ll never forget this. I learned soo much about basketball from mentors like Randy Wiel, Don Beck and Peter Vogelaar. They were great for my career and always did right by me. Winning two cups and one championship was very exciting for me because it was my first time since high school winning a championship. We had great guys on that team. Leon Rodgers, Robert Owens, Erik Nelson, Travis young. We could beat teams in many ways. We had a complete team capable of beating anyone. I just remember the closeness that Vogelaar preached to us, it’s the reason he made it so we all lived in the same area. In the eendrachswerf in Rosmalen. My good friend Peter van Vugt used to tell me that I cannot hold on to bad things . I guess I’ll hold on to the good things.

Do you have contact with players from your time in Netherlands?
I don’t have a lot of contact with anyone on that team. My great friend Peter van Vugt is one of my best friends. His son Jeroen is a coach now with the Eiffel team. He’s like a nephew to me. His family is awesome to me. Besides that it’s just bad blood for people who are ruthless and selfish. I remember a game against Nijmegen at. Their place. It was a great game for us because it showed me how good of a coach Randy Weil really was. He was good in x and o but he was an awesome players coach. He could truly feel a players attitude and he knew what buttons to push. Great coach and I was lucky to both play for him and coach with him. That was an underrated match up withEiffel vs Nijhmegen.

In 2008 you retired and became coach for Den Bosch and won 2 years in a row the Dutch Cup. Why did you decided to stay and coach Eiffel Towers?
I became a coach because it was a natural progression for me. Coach Weil and Peter Vogelaar felt that I needed to help them and they would help me on my carrier. It was a great transformation and it helped me a great deal. It set me on a path to grow as a coach and development

Can you remember 1 game that was the most special for you in the 4 years in the Netherlands?
Winning two Dutch cups was so awesome. The way we all had a great time and even winning Haarlem basketball week was great. I just remember me and Leon staying up all night playing video games and eating junk food. I remember Travis Young could never ever play without his sleep . Robert Owens was our energy guy off the bench. He brought everything as did Marcel Aarts, Ray Weathers, Omari westley . I loved playing with Kees Akerboom. He was my favorite player. A great teammate . Off the court we hung out and have in this day a great friendship. Roye Berkewitz was great for us. You could never underestimate how valuable Erik Nelson was. Of course Rodgers was best player in the league and Young was great but Akerboom and Nelson helped us soo much.

October 31, 2006 Eiffel Towers won the Europe game against Real-Madrid with 84-77, can you remember the game?The game vs Real Madrid was epic. It was great in that it propelled us into the upper teams in Europe.