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Blog Andre Young: My Nemesis in Ukraine

Andre Young de MVP van de de Dutch Basketball League  van afgelopen jaar speelt dit seizoen in de Ukraine en blogt af en toe nog steeds leuke verhalen over zijn belevenissen. Dit maal gaat hij de strijd aan met de locale muggen! 

Lurking in the shadows of my apartment lies an enemy that I have failed to conquer countless times since I’ve been in Ukraine these past 2 weeks…

I’ve never liked mosquitos. Who does? Besides being a food supply for many different animals, their main purpose seems to be just to make more damn mosquitos—using my blood! Of course, you would think that there would be an easy solution to my blood sucking dilemma. Close the window, right? Unfortunately for me, it’s not that simple.

Before I came to Ukraine, all anyone talked about was how cold it is here. Consequently, I was not mentally prepared to face the surprising heat that waited across the pond. My window HAS to stay open, meaning there is a plethora of mosquitos just waiting to bite my ass (in some cases, yes…I mean literally). During the day, killing mosquitos is my newfound hobby. I often find myself jumping around my apartment, smacking at anything that moves. Luckily, I live on the 6th floor of my apartment building; therefore, not too many of my neighbor Ukranians get to see how crazy the short, black, African American guy who is always wearing a dry fit shirt with basketball shorts with an ACC book bag can be. At night, the tides turn. The lights go out and suddenly I’m crippled without my vision. Waking up with welps and bumps all over the body is not a good feeling. Neither is scratching all the time. Can’t imagine how crabs must feel.

With all that said, I’m patiently waiting for this cold weather to hit so I don’t have to deal with these savages anymore. My paranoia is at an all-time high and my face/arms/legs are tired of getting smacked by yours truly.



Voor de liefhebbers nog een mooi highlight filmpje van Andre Young van Eiffeltowers TV

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